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We at A for Analytics provide the best data annotation outsourcing services, and, we are the best in the industry in providing customized services.


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Other Industrial Data Annotations

Data annotation outsourcing services

We carry out a detailed analysis of the operability of your business and find the best way to deploy image annotation as a process or a tool into your system. We follow the best industrial practice in implementing the right machine learning and deep learning models and train the image annotation tool that we deliver to provide efficacious service from day one. Our tech service is easy to adopt and implement and hence it causes zero trouble when it is directly implemented into the system. 

Our data annotation services are wide open for diversified industries, and we provide detailed and in-depth solutions for various sub-industries in manufacturing. Being a client-friendly tech player, A for Analytics is highly capable of showing variations in providing precise service within the manufacturing industry. We are highly preferred by various industrial players as renowned data annotation outsourcing services with high efficiency and we can create wonders with your entire business process by embedding the annotation service the right way. We ensure not to waste a single piece of data and turn it into useful insights by implementing our advanced deep learning models wherever necessary. We have an excellent team of analytical experts who possess sound industrial knowledge and are highly capable of delivering a tailored solution that a client demands at the right time.

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Manufacturing Annotation Services


Object Surface Defect Analysis

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Packaging defect analysis

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Automated Assembly Lines

  • Artificial Intelligence in assembly line
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Unidentified Object Detection

  • Unidentified Object Detection Using AI
  • The unidentified object detection process
  • Detecting irrelevant products
  • Detecting defective products