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We provide customized solutions with our object tracking and object detection tools that were developed using deep learning models.


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Object Tracking

Satellite Image Classification

We at A for Analytics are a renowned tech player that always focuses on providing solutions that solve real-time issues. We provide the best geospatial object detection services that help rectify issues that persist for a longer time for diversified clients. We provide customized solutions with our object tracking and object detection tools that were developed using deep learning models.

Why choose our object detection in spatial analysis services?

We at A for Analytics help our clients from diversified walks of industries to operate better by deploying our GIS-assisted object detection and geospatial localization system into our client’s; operability. Focusing on urban planning, we can help real estate developers identify potential building space and plan with their infrastructural model profitably.

Today everybody is using maps like Google maps for easier navigation, and the implementation of this would become more prevalent in the upcoming days. The rise of new delivery application business models is the standing proof for this, and we help our clients to build such path-breaking tech ideas by providing geospatial object detection services.

We propose a lot of useful real-time implications for the logistics and transportation industry, as the image annotation tool we prepare using updated deep-learning models for the geospace industry enhances overall efficacy. It delivers some mind-blowing benefits like providing a proper plan in terms of routing for any kind of freight and also assists properly to avoid any kind of accidents. We improve the overall operability of logistics using the object detection spatial analysis method.

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