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Geospatial Property Annotation

Similarly, here we blend the geospace and image annotation techniques and serve the real estate sector with geospatial property annotation that helps in several monitoring purposes.


Artificial Intelligence

Geospatial Property Annotation

Our striking USP as a technology player in the business field is to provide some striking solutions by combining different technologies the right way and resolving long-lasted problems and creating new opportunities for our clients.

Our Geospatial property annotation services

We at A for Analytics provide the best geospatial property annotation services that enhance the real estate sector’s operability in several ways. We deploy the right machine learning models with the help of our professionals to achieve the desired results.

Aerial view mapping

We create a perfect aerial view mapping for buildings of any size that helps a real estate player to have an outer look at it and roughly carry out an assessment of its progress.

Project layout planning

We create a proper mix of image annotation and geospace technology to help our real estate clients to carry out highly accurate planning on their projects, this approach helps in preparing visual layouts to execute the construction plans better.

Aerial view monitoring from drones

Drones will get widely used in the future and our coupled-up geospatial property annotation services will be highly useful in the construction sites to be monitored from the aerial view and altered for any potential threats, and similarly, it is also used to identify lost objects easily in the site.

Image tagging for interiors

Labeling or tagging of interiors in a house to get sold is an added advantage for any seller or real estate player who holds the picture in their portal, where our geospatial property annotation plays a crucial role in naming the interiors and adds advantage.


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