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Name entity recognition

NER, or Named Entity Recognition, is one of the hottest AI topics in computer science research. It is one of the most challenging problems, but many major companies have started investing in it.

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Name entity recognition

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Businesses can deploy our named entity recognition solutions to add a range of semantic efficiency when analyzing large bodies of text. There are several business use cases for our NER solutions. For instance, it can prioritize and classify news content for media organizations. Recruiting companies can also apply our NER solutions to generate shortlists for candidates from a large talent pool. It involves going through thousands of texts and sorting out CVs. Our NER solutions optimize text searching solutions from an extensive collection of documents. You can count on us to find the needle between the haystacks!

A for Analytics help businesses to unlock massive value with named entity recognition

At A for Analytics, we have a team of professionals that can help you deploy your named entity recognition using a wide range of industry-leading solutions. Our team has the domain knowledge and proficiency in the AI tool needed for excellent deployment. We are light years ahead of other service providers. Businesses trust us to train their algorithms for them to be able to identify and locate entity mentions in a whole body of plain text. With our detailed entity recognition annotation machine learning, companies can extract and gather helpful information from a large body of text. Our named entity recognition solutions help businesses unlock value in all use cases of this solution.

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