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Product Categorization

When it comes to the application of video annotation for machine learning services, we can apply it in medical AI, geospatial technology, and self-driving cars.


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Product Categorization

The ecommerce industry is a major driving factor for product categorization services.

Product categorization services can also be referred to as product classification solutions. It involves the classification of different products into various categories with the use of natural language processing (NLP). The ecommerce industry uses product categorization primarily. This task is now being deployed with the use of AI-driven algorithms. Product categorization in the ecommerce industry helps customers easily and quickly find the product(s) they are looking for. Product categorization is driven by product attributes and product data, which are both integrated into the computer model. To get a product categorization model to work correctly, comprehensive and descriptive product titles, product descriptions, and product information are required.

A for Analytics: Many years of industry-leading solutions for product categorization using machine learning

A for Analytics understands the importance of product categorization using machine learning for the ecommerce sector. We help companies deploy the most efficient product categorization services in the industry. Through essential query-understanding technologies, new product recommendations, and personalized suggestions, many ecommerce businesses can enhance their respective user experiences. A for Analytics also goes further to ensure that these companies can increase their conversion and profitability rates. We help our clients with highly representative, labeled datasets essential in implementing product classification systems.
A for Analytics is a platform that allows product owners and creators to know where their products fall in the market. This is accomplished by categorizing each product through a series of questionnaire-based questions, which are then analyzed and categorized by an automated engine.

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