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Property Visuals and Similarities

The best visual property intelligence services to our real estate clients that helps them to achieve a win-win situation in their business.


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Property Visuals and Similarities

Visual property intelligence services

We at A for Analytics firmly believe that technological deployment in business can bring drastic changes and uplift the whole process. Hence, we make sure it gets deployed righteously. In that way, we provide the best visual property intelligence services to our real estate clients that helps them to achieve a win-win situation in their business.

How do real estate and virtual property intelligence work together?

Our visual property intelligence services primarily focus on assessing the similarities between properties, especially when it comes to the finished ones. It helps the real estate players in competitor analysis to know how a property got built, and on the other hand, it helps the buyer to do a detailed analysis of two highly similar properties and pick the right one for them.

In A for Analytics, we deploy high-end computer vision models to collect data, tag it and train them to find similarities between properties in the real estate sector. We carry out a well-structured and streamlined process and ensure zero error occurrence to deliver the tool or make the deployment into our client’s existing system at the right time.

We have a great team of analytical experts well-versed in computer vision techniques and creating relevant models that bring some drastic groundbreaking changes in the real estate sector. We at A for Analytics care about our clients' wellness, hence, we deliver this service that brings a win-win situation to our real estate clients and their buyers.

By deploying AI-powered property similarity analysis into your system, real estate clients who adopt our services can attain a competitive edge in the market by projecting their properties in an elevated way to the right set of target buyers, and this way, real estate and property intelligence work together.


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