Amazon Web service

Amazon Web service

Amazon Web Services has been the leader in the public cloud space for couple of years now. Different Business Intelligence tools integrates with AWS services to empower enterprises to maximize the return on your organization’s data and to leverage their existing technology investments. 

A for Analytics is Authorized Partner with AWS 

Tableau and Power BI is the natural choice of platform for analysing the data stored in Amazon’s data sources. Beyond this, Tableau provides the depth and breadth of capabilities to ensure that data can be confidently deployed across the entire enterprise. 

Why AWS with Us?

A for Analytics is totally packed with highly qualified and experienced people’s so you don’t to need to worry about anything. Our team consists of Certified AWS Professionals, People’s proceeding with Doctorate in Artificial Intelligence can help you and your organisation to leverage the next level using different AWS products.  

A for Analytics maintains a pipeline where everything right start from Requirement Analysis, Implementation, development will be in an Agile process to deliver the Service/ Product as quick as possible in short amount of time with high visibility. 

We have board experience in Amazon products and Implement AI using Sage maker and Integrate with your Mobile application or web Application.

We help your organisation using following approach 


Understand your requirement

Clarify IT Budget for BI

Analyse the Environment Onsite or Offsite

Kick start the Implementation

Kick start the Development and Deployment

Provide 24/7 Technical Support

What value A for Analytics provides?

We provide care and support for our customer whenever needs. You can sign the contract with other companies but we provide unique process than other company is matter most of us to talk with you. 

We provide you following facility to do business with us effectively and easily without worry about anything.

Dedicated Client Portal for you

Dedicated Account Manager

Dedicated Business POC

Dedicated 24/7 support

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