Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence AaaS and Implementation

A for Analytics helps in Creating Architecture plan for your Business Intelligence and Report needs based on your existing system and IT Budget of your organisation.

Helping organisation in Business Intelligence and Reporting is not just about implementing server but also helps you in find Correct cost effective Business Intelligence tool fit to your needs.

If you don’t have BI system in place or already system is place and don’t have knowledge  about it or Person in charge left the organisation for some reason, then we are here to help you in setup and start  the service in very quick time through off shore service or On shore service.

Helps you in

  • Find the Cost effective BI tool in the market
  • Find right BI tool for your need and choice
  • Implement in your organisation
  • Integrating all your existing Systems like CRM, ERP and Other System and build Semantic layer suitable for Business Intelligence consumption.
  • We do End to End Implementation in your organisation.

BI Report Development

AforAnalytics adapts to your environment in no time and helps your organisation in different ways

  • Development of Report/ Dashboards from Scratch
  • Migrate your existing BI system which you think Out of Date to New Modern BI system.
  • Modification and Changes to the Existing Report.

AforAnalytics  have ability to deep dive into the data needs and create a clear roadmap for  success. Our BI Consultants provides your step by step plan of what AforAnalytics do and how it going to Implement in your organisation.

With Our Multi Industry expertise consultants can adapt your organisation’s System, Department, Industry to understand the Requirements and quick come up with a Analysis and development plan to cut the rework time and cost.

Before kick start the development, we will provide the taste of Report looks through Mockup experience built in advanced Mockup tool.

Our Team has experience in various Business Intelligence tools like Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, Qlik Sense, Qlik View, Zoho Analytics and much more.

We are not only knowledgeable, Capable and Intelligence but we are passionate about The Data that makes us Unique and keep us in Unique space in our client’s workspace than any others. We don’t compare our services to others because we don’t want to degrade our efficiency, skills and reputation.

BI Report Testing

We have a client who is major player in their industry, they have a BI report which is well designed,well developed and everything looks fine but there is an Issue. The Data coming up from the report is not matching with database system, Report is taking 15mins to load the View, Users are seeing other user’s data, and Formatting is not matching the Company standard. The time and cost spend on the work is completely useless now.

There were extremely confused and don’t have any clue about what’s wrong with the dashboard and more importantly they need those Reports for upcoming Board meeting.

We know the urgency and frustration when you are seeing the data is not correct after spending lot of precious time with some service providers and not responding back or ask to pay more.

A for Analytics help you in testing your BI Reports and Dashboards in Multiple dimensions In and Out to find the problem in the system and provide you the Testing report Weekly and Monthly.

A for Analytics helps you in Testing the BI Reports under different dimension like below

Functional Testing

  • Report or Dashboard Design Check
  • Prompts Check
  • Report Data Accuracy Check
  • Report Performance Checks
  • Browser Checks

Security Testing

  • Report Access Security
  • Data Security
  • Integrated Security

Regression Testing

  • Regression Testing of Report Data
  • Regression Testing of Report Format
  • Regression Testing of Prompts
  • Regression Testing of Report Performance
  • Regression Testing of Security

Performance Testing

  • Manual Performance Testing
  • Automatic Performance Testing

BI Report Migration

When you got into the wrong consulting group who suggested you the BI tools which they are partnered with and get tiny commission from them and completely spoil your time and cost because lack of  understanding of the requirement, Completely Fall for Commission model.

Consider the following Scenarios

  • When you need a Specific Feature in your reporting system that is not available in the tool.
  • BI product owner not supporting you on time
  • BI product is Going Out of Date
  • False selling and not able to produce the expected designed.

A for Analytics helps your organisation in these sort of circumstances. We first sit with your one to one to completely understand your needs and why you need to go for Migration. We will produce List of BI tools that are higher in standards  with different flags like Customer support, Pricing, Features for your Future plans and others.

We can able to Migrate

  • Tableau to Microsoft Power BI
  • Microsoft Power BI to Tableau
  • Qlik to Tableau
  • Qlik to Power BI
  • Tableau to Zoho Analytics
  • Power BI to Zoho Analytics
  • Cognos to Tableau and Microsoft Power BI

And More

Server Administration

AforAnalytics helps you in Plan, Deploy, Manage Servers in different tools like below

  • Tableau Server
  • Microsoft Power BI Services and Report Server
  • Microsoft Power BI office 365
  • Qlik Admnstration

It’s important as an organisation to see How server fits in your organisation Infrastructure and provide environment for different use cases.


A for Analytics helps you in providing the right Server Implementation plan to your requirement and needs especially Server will becomes a core part of the business. Architecture plan, Infrastructure, Authentication, User Management, Gateway setup and configuration everything will comes under the planning section of the Server Administration Project.


AforAnalytics helps your organisation in implementing or Migrating or Upgrading the Server in your environment or cloud like AWS, Azure of Google Cloud Platform.

We will take of the post installation tasks to be carried out to avoid future failures.

Manage Server:

A for Analytics helps you in managing the security, Managing the Users, Customizing the server, Handle Data Refresh Failure, Subscriptions, Development environment and other Administration tasks to be carried out.

Server Maintainance and Routine Health checkup

When you try to access the report all of a sudden, it’s shows some error or takes too much time to load the report or data is not up todate. These are very frustration creating time where you to find a solution to avoid in future.

AforAnalytics helps you in Server Maintenance and do a health check up on you server in different dimensions.

We will look at the Report performance weekly and Monthly to give zero failure servers. we collect data from windows performance monitor and Tableau, Power BI Service performance data.

We will help your organisation reports is always active to consume anytime, Manage user Traffic, Query heavy environment, load Balancing, Server backup and Restore.

24/7 support

Let’s Imagine, you are in middle of something where you need some urgent modification or watch the server where you don’t have time to spend and co-workers don’t have skills to manage the situation.  This is where you will think of how the experience would be if there is a person who is available for you all the time when you help

A for Analytics helps your organisation with 24/7 technical support in Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, Machine Learning like a In house team member and ready to solve your problems in Phone call, Skype call or email.

We will allot an Expert technical person for you organisation and you can reach him out via Email, Phone or Skype call to solve the problem in short time and resume the operations right away.

how can we help you?

Contact us at the Consulting WP office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.

We Increase our Revenue by 15% YoY in financial year 2017. A for Analytic Implemented Business Intelligence tool and provided great analysis on our sophisticated data on Time

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