Finance Analytics

Finance Analytics

Finance teams no more need to use excels to create financial reports. The Modern Business Intelligence tools are here to make a bigger change with their time and resources.

Easily bring your data together from multiple systems, efficiently provide analysis and reporting, and securely share the information that fuels your business’s strategy to Leaders, Decision makers, Investors. AforAnalytics delivers the powerful analytics small businesses and large enterprises need on a flexible and governed platform IT trusts.

The Financial KPI’s are much important to track business than any other part of the business. CFO Dashboard on your Organization in Mandatory part to answer Custom Questions.

AI and Machine Learning helping finance department to predict upcoming Months, Quarters and Years with more than 90% accuracy with custom Statistical Model.

Finding Customer Interest on Products, Gross Margin % helps business in different dimensions.

Our Service helps companies in finding Potential Risk, Fraudulent Activity and Send the Alerts to Stakeholders on right time.

Helps organisation in finding low profit products which affects the business Revenue and Budget. Imagine, you can have Profit and Loss statement with click of a button.

Get Receivable Turnover Ratio and increase the effectiveness of outstanding collection. Pay the vendor on time to reduce penalty and lose relationship.

Get Alert on Actual cost is slightly more than the allocated Budget and take corrective measure to keep the spending low.

Identify cost of the product after evaluating the total cost of making the product and decide the profitability of the product with Market Price Point.


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