Financial services

Financial Services

A for Analytics provides instant visuals representing Financial KPI that has to gain insights from tons of data that help them improve service, New opportunities, and stand out from the competition which should be live.

Cross-department data capturing and visualize it helps you identify trends and risks company-wide and uncover relationships inside your business which reduce the time of analysis by unbelievable numbers. 

A for Analytics helps in gathering the data together from multiple systems and store in centralized data warehouse, efficiently provide analysis and reporting, and securely share the information that fuels your business’s strategy to Leaders, Decision makers, Investors. A for Analytics delivers the powerful analytics small businesses and large enterprises need on a flexible and governed platform IT trusts.

We have great experience in Implementing Business Intelligence and AI services from different data platforms like Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle ERP, SAP, Share point, Quick books and other leading tools.


CFO Visualization

Implement Predictive Analytics to your Finance Data

Profitability of Products

Audit, Risk and Compliance Analytics

Profit and Loss Statement

Accounts Receivable and Payables

Actual and Budget Variation Analysis

Cost Management


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