Google Cloud services

Google Cloud services

Google Cloud Services is one the most powerful cloud services available in the market to you and your organisation.  GCP has the great capability to adapt to your companies organisation without compromising security and Integration that your organisation requires in large scale. 

A for Analytics are in the Google cloud market for a long time and helping several small, medium and large enterprises to  easily solve business challenges .

Why Google  Cloud platform with us?

A for Analytics has great experts in Data warehousing, Business Intelligence & Analytics, Research scholars in Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning. 

We help your organisation in setting up 

Data warehouse Modernization

Data lake Modernization

Stream Analytics

Business Intelligence

Consume Pre built Artificial Intelligence model with GCP


What is our approach?

We will have several levels of calls with Business and Technical Team before deciding the level of value proposition with your organisation and how we  can help you. 

We will follow several steps to kick start the project after all the legal documents.

Understand your requirement

Clarify IT Budget for BI

Analyse the Environment Onsite or Offsite

Kick start the Implementation

Kick start the Development and Deployment

Provide 24/7 Technical Support

What value A for Analytics provides?

 We provide care and support for our customer whenever needs. You can sign the contract with other companies but we provide unique process than other company is matter most of us to talk with you. 

We provide you following facility to do business with us effectively and easily without worry about anything.

Dedicated Client Portal for you

Dedicated Account Manager

Dedicated Business POC

Dedicated 24/7 support

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