HR Analytics

HR Analytics

People’s are your asserts!

Whatever business you run, peoples are business asserts. Figuring out right candidate with right skillsets and retain right peoples with high productivity, monitor with tasks, Hours , plans and schedules.

Visualizing and Analysing the people’s you have in your organisation could bring millions of revenue and reduce company pain and to make it possible,  AforAnalytics helps Human resource department of several companies to understand and make effective decisions.

We helps you in Understand the organisation employees under different category Department, Location, Shift, Gender, Skillset and more.

Identify the performance of the employee’s and find Most valuable employee and employee who need more attention to get skill up.

Identify employee compensation for different designation and drill down to another category without switching to another excel sheet.

Most risky part of the company is to keep all of your best resources with you to avoid time spend on New hires, that’s where Employee Attrition and Retention dashboard helps you to tackle resource movement.

Identify the ideal employee in the company with Integration of Project Management tool and Employee database to allot the resource in respective Project.


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