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Software Consulting Company

We at A for Analytics are an innovative software consulting company that creates path-breaking agile software for diversified industrial players to elevate their business standards and fix their core operational issues.

Software Consulting Services

Custom software development

Get completely customized software that blends well with your business and delivers from day one.


Hold authenticated control of all your enterprise assets by deploying our ERP software.


Acquire all the information about your client base and deliver their exact need by embracing our software consulting services.

Data Analytics

Unveil the power of data, and resolve your long-term business issues without procrastination by availing of our analytical services.

Data Annotation

Label all your data assets in the required format and easily access them using our data annotation service.

Data Warehousing

Being a renowned software consulting company, we help you make productive use of your data by building the right warehouse.

Big Data

Never let a single piece of data get wasted, where we make it count under our big data services.


Make futuristic business moves with sheer confidence using our AI services.

 Business Process Automation

Time to humanize your workforce by automating your mundane tasks with the help of our business process automation software consulting services.

Industry Specific Solutions

Banking and Finance

We help banking and financial players easily transit to digital using our software service and power-packed data solutions.


Take your healthcare service to the next level with our dual solutions of software and data.


Eliminate all your operational setbacks by availing of our software consulting services.

Life Science

Post our technological assistance, executing innovative ideas is no longer a herculean task.


Time to build high-quality products and guard your laborers using our data-driven solutions.

Oil and Gas

Bring your entire operational and business activities under a systemized approach utilizing our software solutions.

Public Sector

We are the top software consulting company that helps public sector players to deploy data governance in the best possible way.


Resolve your stock issues and market your retail products better to your customers with our twin services of software and AI.

 Transportation and Logistics

Fix all your logistics issues and deliver the goods on time to your clients with data-powered software assistance.


Industries services


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  • Healthcare Consulting Company
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Banking and Financial Services

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  • Insurance Consulting Company
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Transportation and logistics

  • Transport and Logistics Consulting Company
  • Transport and Logistics Consulting Services

Life Sciences

  • Life Science Consulting Company
  • Life Science Consulting Services


  • Manufacturing Consulting Company
  • Manufacturing Consulting Services

Public Sector

  • Public Sector Consulting Company
  • Public Sector Consulting Services

Oil and Gas

  • Oil and Gas Consulting Company
  • Oil and Gas Consulting Services