Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

A for Analytics is a long time followers of Microsoft products where  Azure services and Power BI is turning out to be a hot cake of almost all the companies in the planet. 

You can turn your data processing efforts into analytics and reports that provide real-time insights into your business.  So you can take business decisions right way without need to think of Integration and Technology part. 

Why  Microsoft Azure with us? 

Microsoft has generated a great reputation on products and services. A for Analytics brings you the capability to utilize the Azure products to your organisation with our Unmatched  High value services

Whether your data processing is cloud-based or on-premises, single-sourced or massively scaled, warehoused, or real-time, Azure and Power BI have the built-in connectivity and integration to bring your business intelligence efforts to life.

You can start with a straightforward connection to an Azure SQL Database, and create reports to monitor the progress of your business. Using the Power BI you can create reports that identify trends and key performance indicators that move your business forward.

What is our approach?

We help your organisation using following approach 

Understand your requirement

Clarify IT Budget for BI

Analyse the Environment Onsite or Offsite

Kick start the Implementation

Kick start the Development and Deployment

Provide 24/7 Technical Support

A for Analytics help you in Data  Preparation and Blending:

The flexibility and ability to adopt to the every organisation with one click Get Data dialog away for powerful unmatched Analytic services. Within the same Query you can connect to your Azure SQL Database, your Azure HDInsight data source, and your Azure Blob Storage (or Azure Table Storage), SQL Database then select only the subsets within each that you need, and refine it from there.

You can create different reports for different audiences too, using the same data connections and even the same Query. Just build a new report page, refine your visualizations for each audience.

Embedded Analytics with Microsoft Azure and Power BI:

Let’s Imagine you have a web portal for Internal communication and external communication with some people’s, when you want share the Report with other users on middle of the meeting take some time and requires all of assistance. 

A for Analytics comes to your rescue on Embed the report you want on the Web Portal and when users login’s to the portal, the people’s with permission can able to see the report without seeing any difference between your web portal and Report. 

Embed stunning, interactive data visualizations in applications, websites, portals, and more, to showcase your business data in context. Using Power BI embedding , you can easily embed interactive reports and dashboards, so your users can enjoy consistent, high-fidelity experiences across devices.

What value A for Analytics provides?

We provide care and support for our customer whenever needs. You can sign the contract with other companies but we provide unique process than other company is matter most of us to talk with you. 

We provide you following facility to do business with us effectively and easily without worry about anything.

Dedicated Client Portal for you

Dedicated Account Manager

Dedicated Business POC

Dedicated 24/7 support

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