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Sales dashboards changes data into Valuable pieces of information, providing you with instant insight about your business in different location in the globe in a matter of Secs. 

Sometimes, analysing newly launched Item in the category is much important and especially Comparing Old Items and Newly released Items that provides meaningful insight on customer Interest of same product interest earlier.

The Dashboard in Salesforce CRM, will track your accounts, opportunities, and leads, it often lacks a concise overview of your current performance in real-time. Dashboards within CRMs have traditionally missed the mark when it comes to real-time monitoring

We help Store Managers or C level Executives or VP or Directors to get live sales data from Major systems like AWS, SQL Server, Google cloud Platform, Stripe and Shopify.

Using Sales pipeline report you can easily Identity critical KPI to watch out like Pipeline for opportunity stages, Pipeline for different Sales buckets, Pipeline for sales representatives, Display pipelines deals with custom Calendar and more.

Sales Representative focus on pitching the sales and sales growth analysis provides historical sales data for different representative and help them in selling the items from different dimension for different customer based on previous sales track records. By this dashboard you can brief idea about Where, How, When the products are selling.

A for Analytics will help you in comparing the Item sales on different but not just visualize the sales, compare the Old Item sales to newly launched item sales across different region. By doing this and Integrate with Survey monkey we can easily identify the probability of Item likelihood.

In dynamic world, you need to provide offer to different items to different people’s based on Machine Learning model. Product offer analysis helps to Identity how the product is selling with Offer Applied and How many people’s reacted to the offer by integrating social media data with Sales data.

Integrate R or Python with BI tool to predict and compare with sales quota. Compare what is the best case prediction VS Sales quota to avoid last minute surprises.

Account Management helps you to interact with sales Representative on Largest Deal, Pending deals to Close, Understand Negative user experience by integrating survey data with Sales data and helps to close. The Manager only sees the sales data only he has access to and manager can’t see other team sales representative data.

Use this link to get embed code –!/vizhome/Retail-ExecutiveAnalysisDashboard/HomeDashboard

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