Services are an industry based on aligning people and their expertise to the right projects to get the profit. Services like management consulting, Accounting and tax, Marketing, Engineering and construction have tons of data. Services analytics is used to analyse the data to reveal unique opportunities and insights.

A for Analytics helps in worst enemy for cloud storage companies which is Data Silos. With Business Intelligence tools, service organizations can quickly blend and link similar data to gain decisive results in seconds and take effective decisions leverage the growth of the company in very low cost. 

With the help of Analytics, optimize project planning, scheduling and labor utilization while also adjusting staffing levels to performance metrics to keep service delivery costs at a profitable level. Service organizations approaching AforAnalytics to gain insights not only on their business but also that of their clients by enabling their consultants with greater analytical capability to differentiate their services and drive greater value for clients. environment, Set up Data warehouse to capture all of the possible data, Visualizing the data using modern Business Intelligence tools, Provide Forecast over the Trends using Top Notch Machine Learning algorithms and Share the reports to  Business Leaders, Managers and production area to improve the business to leverage to whole new level. 

You as an Service Industry leader, we expects some of the services you required to leverage your business in low cost

Data Ingestion

Building Pipelines

Building Data lakes

Building Data warehouse

Data Transformation

Data Preparation

Data Quality

Building Reports and Dashboard

Implement Machine Learning algorithms on the data.

Embedding reports on Application or Web portals

Data security

Sharing and collaboration

Embedding the Reports in your own Application or Web portal.

Maintenance and Support


Case study

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