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Transportation and logistics

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Transportation and logistics

Transport and Logistics Consulting Company

The transportation and logistics players are facing several real-time issues, and the rise of technology is eliminating these issues with ease. As an experienced tech player, we at A for Analytics deliver end-end tech services, where we provide the best solution as a transport and logistics consulting company that meets and rectifies all your real-time setbacks. 


Transport and Logistics Consulting Services

Custom Software Development 

Get custom-made software that plays a vital role in your daily business operability and enhances it to the next level. 


Stay connected 24*7 with your clients and other stakeholders to meet and deliver their personalized requirements, where our CRM software provides enough information on client needs. 


We provide end-end transport and logistics consulting services, where we design the aptest ERP that brings in all your organizational and stakeholder functionalities to a digital platform under a single roof. 

Data Analytics 

Track the movement of your inventories accurately and plan your fleet and other logistics activities better with our profound analytical assistance. 

Data Annotation 

Attain the unachievable in your firm’s operation like security checks and code detection using our data annotation service.

Data Warehousing 

A lot of logistics players are stammering to use their data properly without the right technical assistance, and we, as a reliable transport and logistics consulting company, fill that gap by providing data warehousing services.

Big Data 

We provide the required big data services to the logistics players by performing a complete analysis of their business and making them shine as superlative players in their industry. 


Get the juice of elevated performance from our dedicated AI services, where we handle this technology in the best possible way. 

Business Process Automation 

Handle your business data error-free and perform order processing easily using our dedicated automated solutions which come as a part of our transport and logistics consulting services. 

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Transportation and logistics Services


Custom Software Development

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CRM for Transportation

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ERP for Transportation

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Data Analytics for Transportation

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Data Warehousing for Transportation

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Big Data for Transportation

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Data Annotations for Transportation

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AI for Transportation

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Process Automation for Transportation

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