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A superlative hub that helps organizations recruit, onboard, manage, nourish, and derive productive outcomes from employees. Being the smart Zoho People Consultants, we deploy this HR management software in a most customized way into your business to handle your employees with care.

Zoho People Consulting Services


We deploy our Zoho People consultation uniquely, where we help organizations to recruit the best-fit candidates that not just match with skills and also with culture. 


Our innovative Zoho People Consulting Services help you carry out the induction program successfully and assists you in proceeding with activities that make the employees blend with the company culture faster. 

Manage workforce 

Easily manage your workforce and take care of all their needs by deploying our consultation, where we ensure that all your employee management activities, like team allocation, and work allocation, got met with this software. 

Time management 

Track your employees’ in and out time and working time, and perform analytical monitoring of their productive time spent at work. 


The Zoho People Implementation Consultant services we provide resolve all your existing complexities in handling the payroll process, and it schedules the work of salary crediting along with performance appraisals and bonuses as per your company standards. 

HR Analytics 

We carry out a proactive approach in deploying analytics into your HR process that helps your human resource managers to make sound decisions on employees’ further appraisals and promotions with the assistance of data. 

Shift Management 

Overcome all the complexities in allocation shifts to your employees, where our consultation brings in an unbiased approach to shift allotment. 

Case Management 

Meet and solve any range of employees’ complexities with ease, now the presence of our Zoho People Integrations services the wall between HR and a normal employee is broken.