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Being the most trusted Zoho Recruit Consultants, we at A for Analytics provide the most speculative service for organizations and hiring agencies to help them find suitable talent for their firms by unloading all the complexities in the entire hiring chain.

Zoho Recruit Consulting Services

Seamless hiring experience 

Attain the best hiring experience ever with the help of our consultation, where we make sure to deploy our services the right way that brings ease to your entire hiring journey. 

Make the right recruitment 

Finding the right talent for a position is still a great challenge for recruiters, we break the hard rock of challenge and help you find the best fit for your open role. 

Customized automation 

We bring complete customized automation into your HR process as a part of our Zoho Recruit Consulting services, by analyzing your approach. 

Easily manage the workforce 

Ranging from onboarding to assigning the right team and task, we got you covered with our consultation to manage your entire workforce. 

Recruit from anywhere 

Now you can carry out your recruiting activity from anywhere since the consulting service we provide is completely digitized which helps you connect with the international talent pool easily. 

Exclusive for firms and agencies 

The Zoho Recruit Integrations we provide come out as the most precise one both for companies and staffing agencies, as it caters to the sheer benefits separately according to their operability. 


Hiring Pipeline 

Track the activities of the entire hiring pipeline for a particular role or even a specific candidate easily, to make quick hiring decisions. 

Hiring analytics 

The hiring analytics feature in our consulting service helps your HR manager to hold the complete report on all hiring-related activities and make any corrective moves if required. 

Background Screening 

We are a complete Zoho Recruit Implementation consultant who helps you with the background verification of an employee and presents the most accurate report.