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Zoho SalesIQ Zobot Integration

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Zoho SalesIQ Zobot

Zoho SalesIQ Zobot Integration

The SalesIQ Zobot is a chatbot development platform that enables firms from different walks of the industries to create their chatbot that can be a perfect replacement for companies’ customer support executives in their absence. If a user visits your site at an abnormal time, still, this bot can assist with their needs. We at A for Analytics provide the best Zoho SalesIQ Zobot Integration services, where our talented pool of employees can help you build a custom-made chatbot for your web app or website. 

Zoho SalesIQ Implementation Services

Handle website chats 

The primary motto of our bot consulting is to provide a human-like chat experience, where we train the bots with perfect AI models that answer all the relevant questions asked in the chat. 

Forward potential chats 

We provide end-end Zoho SalesIQ Implementation services, where the bot performs the perfect assistive job for your executives by filtering the potential leads and forwarding them to the executives for a faster conversion rate. 

Respond to web visitors 

No worries when your potential existing customers or new leads tap your website door, during the absence of your customer support executive, our consultation-powered Zobot built for your website gives prompt replies to them. 

Block spammers 

Spam users are a part and parcel of this web world, and they cannot be completely eradicated, but possibly be muted by handling a few techniques. The Zoho SalesIQ Implementation Consulting services we provide cover the job of blocking spammers. 

Play as second fiddle 

We deploy the Zobot into your business operability to ensure that it plays the second fiddle role to your customer support executives perfectly from day one.