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Cloud services

Cloud services

Cloud Computing Company

We are the best cloud computing company, provide end-end cloud services, and help our esteemed clients from diversified industrial walks to transit their IT infrastructure to the cloud seamlessly.

Cloud Consulting Services

Cloud Readiness Assessment 

We at A for Analytics perform a thorough assessment of your current business setup and evaluate its eligibility to get migrated to the cloud, and post evaluation, we suggest and provide the required methods to improve your existing infrastructure setup. 

Cloud Consulting 

We provide complete customized consulting services when it comes to the cloud, and we make sure to implement the right strategy that works for our clients to adopt the cloud service we provide without any setbacks. 

Cloud DevOps 

We have dedicated expert teams who deliver nothing less than sheer proficiency to build, deploy, and operate required cloud applications into your system. By availing of our cloud consulting services you can now create Azure and AWS-related cloud applications. 

Cloud Migration 

Our cloud computing experts know the nook and corner of the reputed cloud development platforms and assist you in migrating your business to either side. 

Cloud Monitoring 

Manage, monitor, review, and execute all the involved operational activities in your IT infrastructure by deploying our cloud monitoring services. 

Cloud Infrastructure Management 

Our cloud services provide you with splendid support to handle your upgraded or newly developed cloud premise by removing all the existing complexities. 

Cloud security services and compliances 

We provide all security services and help you to adhere to the related compliances to help you run your cloud infrastructure seamlessly. 

24/7 fully managed services 

We are the leading cloud computing company and the rarest of our kind, who deliver fully managed cloud services 24/7. 

Cloud services

Cloud readiness assessment

  • Get world-class cloud assessment services for a successful migration
  • An overview of cloud readiness assessment services from A for Analytics
  • Why you need our cloud assessment solutions

Cloud roadmap strategy

  • Driving your cloud migration with quality cloud strategy consulting services was much more accessible
  • How we execute our cloud roadmap strategy
  • A snapshot of our cloud strategy and planning services

Cloud consulting

  • Why you need a top cloud consultant for more efficiency
  • Cloud consulting for businesses: How we help you maximize your cloud solutions
  • A for Analytics is the best cloud consulting company in the industry

Cloud DevOps

  • A for Analytics: Providing trustworthy DevOps consulting services for businesses
  • Why you need a great DevOps consulting company like A for Analytics

Cloud migration

  • Unleash competitiveness by choosing Cloud Migration Consulting Firm

Cloud monitoring

  • The importance of cloud monitoring: How to ensure that cloud services are functioning correctly

Cloud infrastructure management

  • Optimize Application Performance with Cloud Infrastructure Management

Cloud managed security services and compliances

  • Monitoring revenue, expenses and profitability of a company.
  • Profitability analysis and financial performance management.
  • Budget planning, formulating long-term business plans.
  • Financial risk forecasting and management.

24/7 fully managed services

  • 24/7 fully managed security service for our new era