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Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Consulting Company

Being the most innovative artificial intelligence consulting company, we at A for Analytics deliver the most simplified yet effective AI solutions that meet and resolve all your existing operational issues and help you to plan your future endeavours accurately.

Artificial Intelligence Consulting Services

Artificial Intelligence Roadmap strategy 

To make your business AI fit, we do a detailed analysis of your operability and remove the obstacles which hinder the adoption of new technologies. 

Artificial Intelligence Consulting 

Being a profound AI expert, we can deploy the relevant AI solution that elevates your business operability, ranging from chatbot development to NLP analysis we deliver end-end services. 

Data Scraping and Collection 

Let it be web scraping or premium data collection. We deliver supreme-quality data-scraping solutions that deliver enormous benefits. 

Data Annotation Services 

We provide deep-rooted artificial intelligence consulting services to a great extent, where we bring the concept of data annotation, which labels enterprise assets and assists in better operability. These annotation services come out in different forms: image, text, video, and audio annotation. 

Data Annotation for Industries 

Our data annotation services we deliver come out as industry-specific ones, and we ensure to provide them so that they can reach all the particular industrial niches. 

Product Categorization 

Sell your products to the exact customer segment by categorizing your product base using our AI services. 

Content Moderation 

Eliminate inappropriate and harmful content that affects your business using our ML and DL techniques-powered content moderation services. 

AI Model Development 

Our customized AI consulting services involve implementing the suitable algorithm created for your business that makes the right impact. 


Deploy machine learning models with ease into your operability and attain next-level business transformation with AI. 

AI Model Deployment 

We carry out industry best practices to deploy AI into your business and ensure that it works from day one.   

AI Model Retraining and Optimization 

We do not just stop creating a suitable AI model and deploy it into your business, instead, we keep re-optimizing it at frequent intervals whenever required based on the changes in your business. 

AI Model Monitoring and Support

Our AI consultants continuously monitor and rectify the issues that pop out in the AI model we create and make sure it runs without interruption under our support.    


Artificial Intelligence services

Artificial intelligence roadmap strategy

  • Artificial Intelligence Roadmap Improving the Quality of Life

Artificial Intelligence Consulting

  • Avail of AI consulting service to Receive Full Benefit of Collected Data

Data Scraping & Collection

  • Save money and time with quality AI data-scraping consulting services
  • Data collection consulting services to transform businesses
  • Get your business the data it needs to survive

Data Annotation

  • What is data annotation?
  • The best AI data annotation company of the year

Image Data Annotation

  • Getting to know image annotation services
  • A for Analytics – An image annotation company that you can trust
  • Our success story

Text Data annotation

  • Quality text annotation services at scale
  • Features of our text annotation machine learning solutions

video Data Annotation

  • Understanding how video annotation services help your business
  • How to get the best video annotation solutions

Audio data annotation

  • The importance of quality audio annotation services
  • Why you need quality audio annotation for speech recognition services

Product categorization

  • The ecommerce industry is a major driving factor for product categorization services
  • A for Analytics: Many years of industry-leading solutions for product categorization using machine learning

Content moderation

  • Content moderation using machine learning morphs to a mission-critical business tool
  • A for Analytics provides the best machine learning for content moderation

A for Analytics Auto Annotation

  • Understanding how video annotation services help your business
  • How to get the best video annotation solutions

A for Analytics Medical Annotation

  • Medical Annotation Services
  • Why choose our Medical Data Labelling Solutions?

A for Analytics Manufacturing Annotation

  • Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing
  • Data Annotation for Manufacturing Industry- Why Choose us?

Geo Space Annotation (Drone, Satellite and infrared)

  • Data Annotation for Geospatial Datasets

A for Analytics Real Estate Annotation

  • Artificial Intelligence in Real Estate
  • Data Annotation Services for Real Estate

AI Model Development

  • AI Model Development Services
  • AI/ML Development Services
  • Our step-by-step approach


  • MLOps Services we provide

AI Model Deployment

  • AI Model Deployment Services

AI Model Retraining and Optimization

  • Machine Learning Model Optimization Services
  • Business benefits of our Machine learning Model Retraining Services

AI Model Monitoring and Support

  • AI Model Monitoring and Supporting
  • Our Approach to Machine Learning Model Monitoring