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Unidentified Object Detection

A for Analytics makes the impossible task of identifying unknown objects easily detectable with our unidentified object detection approach using image annotation.


Artificial Intelligence

Unidentified Object Detection

Unidentified Object Detection Using AI

Finding out unknown objects and eliminating them might sound like a secondary or unwanted task, but it adds perfection and improves the quality of the end product to be delivered.

The unidentified object detection process

When it comes to unidentified object detection using AI our services get widely classified into finding the faulty product, and at the same time, it also helps in detecting the irrelevant or trash kind of thing in the entire product to ensure high quality. We deploy high-end deep learning techniques to create a perfect image annotation model to achieve it. 

An irrelevant product might be something that belongs to a different category or a scrap item. It must get identified and removed. Transporting the packed products with an irrelevant one might be a defaming one for a brand, and we help the manufacturers to get rid of this mini yet effective trouble with our unidentified object detection approach. We implement the image annotation concept to identify the odd one out, as we perfectly train our deep-learning model. Even humans might miss out on these items in the whole lot, but our tool doesn’t miss out.

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Detecting defective products

Detecting irrelevant products is even more important since it can lead to dissatisfied clients and pull the business down. Human supervisors are running behind the deadlines to deliver the finished products on time, and hence the process of quality check will not be 100% all the time, the implementation of AI-powered image annotation is the right replacement here, as A for Analytics provides unidentified object detection using AI system that involves deep-learning models.

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