Real Estate

Real Estate

The Real Estate Industry in globe is faced with significant challenges with respect to availability of primary and secondary market intelligence report. These challenges vary from availability and consistency to sufficiency and timeliness of the information.  A for Analytics is pioneering to address these challenges and covers all the concepts in Real estate to successfully operate in this increasingly significant asset class.

A for Analytics works closely with team to get know about the pain points they are facing in the departments and work exactly the way provide more insights and operational success. 


A for Analytics has a very strong team both in Business and Technology to assist you in different areas like 

Data Ingestion

Building Pipelines

Building Data lakes

Data Transformation

Data Preparation

Data Quality

Building Reports and Dashboard

Embedding the Reports in your own Application or Web portal.

Data security

Sharing and collaboration

Maintenance and Support

We will help you to work and Identify Performance management, Cash Flow and Cash Yield %, Calendar Year Return , Portfolio Reporting Summary  , Portfolio structure and Analysis and More


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