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Retail Data Annotation

The rise of AI as a technology is so big, that it is now catering to highly diversified solutions to industries. On the other hand, industrial players know that this technology would be highly beneficial, but are not aware of the way it operates.



Retail Data Annotation

Data Annotation for Retail Industry

The role of a profound analytical player has a great demand here, and we at A for Analytics come here for rescue to explain and implement AI into our clients' businesses. We go a step ahead and utilize computer vision-based data annotation for retail industry to capture real-time data and make it into business.

Retail Image and Video Annotation Services

We use computer vision techniques and carry out image annotation that identifies and labels required images in a retail store, and then it gets converted to quality data for business purposes. With the help of this AI branch, we provide end-end retail image and video annotation services.

Extracting from sentiments

By implementing our computer vision technology into your existing surveillance camera, you can now get a clear picture of the behavioural pattern of every single customer who visits your store and analyses the way they react when they access a product. This helps with better product recommendations to the right customer.

Manage your inventories

Avoid holding an excessive amount of a particular product or completely neglecting a specific product with zero demand, and plan your inventories better using our data annotation technique.

Footfall analysis

Our image annotation for retail businesses does wonders by helping the players to extract exact footfall numbers and plan their sales activities accordingly.

No Ques for billing

By implementing data annotation for retail industry, we can help retailers to remove the existing billing system and deploy a self-checkout process, where the bill gets generated, and the amount is debited from the buyer's account when they take out a product.


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