Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is the most powerful Business Intelligence tool which Integrates very smoothly with Microsoft products and others. Microsoft Power BI is the most secured, flexible and end to end Analytics platform for your organisation comes under Microsoft Power Platform.

Why Mircosoft Power BI with Us?

A for Analytics team comprises of  leading experts members who worked in different Industry and develop flawlessly without required much Intervention. We have different team works for different Industry with business expertise to avoid errors and provide flexibility to our customers. 

A for Analytics helps your organisation in different ways in cost effective and timely manner. These are the services we provide to your organisation

Microsoft Power BI Architect as a Service(AaaS) and Implementation

Microsoft Power BI Report Development

Microsoft Power BI Report Testing

Microsoft Power BI Embedding

Microsoft Power BI Report Migration

Microsoft Power BI Server Administration

Microsoft Power BI Maintenance & Routine Health Catalogue

Online 24/7 Support

A for Analytics helps organisation in Implementing Microsoft Power platform and allow to experience the flawless experience using below tools and technologies.

Microsoft Share point

Microsoft Power Apps

Microsoft power Flow

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Azure

We work in following Tableau products, actually speaking quite extensively

Tableau Desktop

Tableau Server

Tableau Online

Tableau Bridge

Tableau Prep

Migration of Reports

Maintenance and Dedicated 24/7 Support

What value A for Analytics provides?

You can sign the contract with other companies but we provide unique than other company is matter most of us to talk with you. 

We provide you following facility to do business with us effectively and easily without worry about anything.

Dedicated Client Portal

Dedicated Account Manager

Dedicated Business POC

Dedicated 24/7 support

We work in following Microsoft Power Platform products, actually speaking quite extensively

Microsoft Power BI Desktop

Microsoft Power BI Service

Microsoft Power BI Premium

Microsoft Power BI Report Server

Migration of Reports

Maintenance and Dedicated 24/7 Support