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Basic to Advanced Vertipaq Analyzer(External Tool) in Power BI

Basic to Advanced Vertipaq Analyzer in Power BI

Microsoft Power BI launched the External tools feature in Power BI Desktop recent month.


This Feature opened a lot of new capabilities and extend the Analysis to a greater extend. Something like DAX Studio which provides the capability to Write, Execute and Analyse DAX Queries in Power BI Designer, Power Pivot for Excel, and Analysis Services Tabular.


Vertipaq Analyzer helpful in Analyze the Storage Structure of the Microsoft Power BI Data Model and Analysis Services Tabular. Vertipaq Analyzer helpful in Analyse the cost of the fields, Cost of Relationship, and much more.


Also, You can export the Metrics from the Power BI Data Model using Vertipaq Analyzer it’s very much helpful in getting PowerBI file (.pbix) metadata without sharing the whole workbook with sensitive data.


If you have an issue with Power BI Report Performance, you should use Vertipaq Analyzer and Export Metrics feature to improve the performance of the report.


OK! Enough of reading, let’s get into the action.


You can able to understand from Basics to Expert level in Vertipaq Analyzer through this Video.


So, Have you watched the video fully?


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