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A simple way to Navigate to Homepage using Buttons in Microsoft Power BI

A simple way to Navigate to Homepage using Buttons in Microsoft Power BI


Let’s say you came across a requirement from your client to provide the functionality to move back to the home page where they have come from or move to a centralized Table of contents page in Power BI Report. So, it would be easy for End users to navigate across the ease of the reports than ever before.

Business Function

Let’s Imagine, you have the Main page of the report where you have a list of reports available in the Power BI Workbook where you need to provide end-user like CEO, Directors, or other decision-makers to switch between reports without much actions.

Technical Function

To achieve this functionality this is where Bookmarks, Homepage Buttons comes into the picture.


Enough of Reading, I will show you How to do that in real time. Check out this Video below


We have a bonus for you in this video, there is a cool thing will happen when you apply this functionality like You can keep all the links on single dashboard so that end user can go front and back using this functionality without any delay in performance in Power BI Desktop or Power BI Service.


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When client looks for flexibility in Visualization to make a decision quickly, it’s sometimes hard for the technical team to provide the solution.

So, A for Analytics provides you much information about the about the topic in text as well as in Video.

A for Analytics Provides Comprehensive solution to business needs using open source, modern business intelligence tools in the market with the combination of Transparency across the Business, Client, and more.

Saravana Kumar
Saravana Kumar

Saravana is the CEO of A for Analytics and Lead Instructor in A for Analytics University.

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