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How to do Custom Formatting in Microsoft Power BI

How to do Custom Formatting in Microsoft Power BI


Microsoft Power BI has the In built functionality to write expression for custom formatting which will be very much useful unique formatting options. 

If you are CXO or Decision Maker in the company, there is the short Introduction for you  Click here to watch the video


Technical Function

Have you  ever heard of formatting? Yes, you would have probably done tons of times for your Power BI Report. 


There is a feature in Data Modelling Pane in Power BI to do custom formatting for a specific field i.e., Sales, Profit, Margin % and more


Ok! Enough of Talking

Ok! Enough of Talking. I don’t like to bore you with text, I will show you How to do it in Real time through a small video. 

Please check out the video below 


I hope you enjoyed our video and learnt something today to Implement in your project. 

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We have successfully achieved doing Custom formatting, Comparing Last Year and Current Year data in Microsoft Power BI, Switching Visualization without any difficulty for end users. 

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