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Switch Bar Chart to Line Chart using Buttons in Power BI

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AforAnalytics have faced one of the business problem when users came in they asked for a feature in Power BI which allows end users to see two visualization on the report.

Hmmmmmm…. Ok Well we can two visualization (Line chart and Bar chart) on the report. So they can able to see the chart like to see.

Real Estate Client:
No Team, we should not have two visualization of the same data in the same page of Power BI Report.

AforAnalytics: Oh Okay! Our Expert Data Management team came up with a solution in a very very short time. The work around to do this functionality in Power BI.

Wondering How?

Let’s get into the solution with following steps

Step 1: Create a Two visualization – A Line and A Bar chart in Power BI

Step 2: Keep the Two visualizations One over the Other in the Page canvas.
Step 3: Create Two Button in Power BI and Format it as per your requirement.
Step 4: There is a Feature in Power BI called “Bookmark”.
a. Click the Line Chart and add it as a New Bookmark
b. Click the Bar Chart and add it as a another Bookmark

Step 5: After doing Step 1 to 4, you need to use Show/Hide in the selection Pane to make this trick work. Click the Line Viz Bookmark created in prior step and hide the Bar Chart visualization created in the selection pane.

Step 6: Now, You need to link the Bookmark with Button to change the visualization in Report.
a. Click the button on the report, you will see the Action Drop down in
Visualization Pane
b. Change the Type of Action to Bookmark
c. Select the Bookmark you created or Line Chart in the Bookmark drop down.

Step 7: Do the Steps for Another Button.

Bravo! You have done a great job.


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We have successfully achieved Switching Visualization from Line to Bar Viz and Vice Versa.
Whatsoever the problem, there will be a solution in work around or Alternative solutions that A for Analytics strongly believes in.

We have used this blog to enhance the functionality and user experience in Power BI for end user.

A for Analytic Providing Data Analytics consulting to Fortune 500 companies to build Business Intelligence solution upon their Multiple Complex Data warehouse by solving problems like this without worry on In-house resources.

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