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How to Deploy On-premise Power BI Gateway?

How to Deploy On-premise Power BI Gateway?

A for Analytics provides guidance and considerations for deploying a data gateway in your network environment. This article walks you through the deployment, and guidance for the On-premises data gateway setup.

Especially when working with Gateway, you would get lot of frustrating errors while developing report with larger data set. One of the errors has been explained briefly in this link

Three Installation considerations for the On-premises data gateway:

Before getting into the depth of installation and deployment, there are a list of considerations you should keep in mind.

1. Number of users
2. Different Connection type
3. Location

1. Number of Users:
The number of users consuming a report that’s using the gateway is an important metric in deciding where to install the gateway.

We have some questions to consider:
a. When users accessing the reports? Are they consuming different times a day.
b. What types of connections are they using?
c.Are all users using the same report?

If all the users are all accessing a given report at the same time, we have to make sure that gateway has been installed on a machine that’s capable of handling all those requests. It’s relevant to System Minimum requirement.

Constraint in Power BI that is One Gateway for One Report even Reports blend multiple data source in a report.

2. Connection Type
Power BI offers two types of connections: Direct Query and Import. Many reasons are there to choosing select one over the other, such as security requirements, performance, data limits, and data model sizes.

For Scheduled Refresh: Depending on your query size and the number of refreshes per day.

For Direct Query: a query is be sent each time any user opens the report or looks at data. So if you anticipate more than larger number of users accessing the data concurrently.
More CPU cores will result in better throughput for a Direct Query connection.

3. Location
The location of the gateway can have significant impact on your query performance, so try to make sure your gateway, data source locations, and the Power BI tenant are as close as possible to each other to minimize network latency.

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