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Show and Hide Filter using Buttons in Power BI

Show and Hide Filter using Buttons in Power BI

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Do you want?

Keeping slicers in the Power BI Report occupy plenty of spaces. Do you want to know How to Hide and Show the slicers in Power BI using a trick?

Business Function

Business User doesn’t want to see the Drop downs and other filters in the report. Business user wants to have a Button to enable them to show or hide the slicer panel.

Technical Function

We needs to create several steps to achieve this trick

Step 1: Create a Button in Power BI with formatting required for the project.
Step 2: Create a slicer with data field which users wants to see in the report.
Step 3: Keep the Slicers on the place where you want to pop up in the report when Filter
button is clicked by the user.

Step 4: Create a bookmark here to achieve this trick
a. Keep slicers in the respective place and add New bookmark names “Filter
Horizontal Pop”.

Step 5: The last and final step is to link the Button and Bookmark to achieve this show and hide filter illustration.
a. Click the button and under the Action drop down in the Visualization pane.
b. Change the Type of Action to Bookmark
c. Select the Bookmark you created for Filter Horizontal Pop up in the Bookmark
drop down.

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Thanks for Reading.. There is a Bonus for you.


Do you know there is a trick to switch Visualizations in Power BI Reports using the Bookmarks and Buttons.

You can read about it more here Switch Visualization using Buttons

Shout out to Guy in a Cube for showcase this option
Click here to see his Power BI Bookmark,Selection and Toogle


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