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Top Tricks for Power BI Developers – Beginner’s

Top Tricks for Power BI Developers – Beginner’s

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There are 7 Tricks on the blogs helps all stages of Power BI Developer

How to Build Power BI Reports for Different Devices?

If you want to Build and Develop reports for different Devices like Laptop, Mobile and Tablet. You can set the Page layout in View Tab and can design the report for each device. Once you published the report to Power BI service, User can able to see the report in Laptop, Power BI Mobile Application as you designed in Power BI Desktop.

How to use same design for different Visualization?

When you Develop the report in Power BI desktop, based on the business requirement you will do the Formatting for visualization. Is there any option to Use the same formatting across different visualization. Yes, You can use Format Painter in Power BI to achieve and reduced huge amount of time.

How to copy all the charts from one page to another page?

When you work on Power BI, there will be a case where you want to have all the Visualization in one page to be copied to another page in the same report. It’s a simple trick, CTRL +A (Select All) and CTRL + C then CTRL + P on new page.

How to display Percentage % Symbol in Column?

Do you want to display % symbol in Power BI data table column. Please don’t use CONCAT() function to achieve this, Instead you have a option in Data Modelling Tab, Under Change the type of the Field to Percentage. This is automatically multiple your column with 100 and add % Symbol to it.

How to take count of Values without using DAX?

If there is a column with Two data members “Yes” &”No”, you need to take count of “Yes” or “No”. There is a simple technique to do this, Drag and drag the fields in Table Visualization -> Apply Filter in Tables with “Yes” -> Now change the Tables to Card Visualization. That’s it.

How to Replace all Distinct values
In a column with single Value?

In Advanced Editor, There are several data manipulation option to do over the data. When you are working in a business requirement where you want to replace all the values in the columns to single value. Example: If a column has 150 Distinct value where you want to replace all 150 Distinct value with One single value. What you will do? There is a very simple trick. You can use Custom Column function where you can write DAX to hardcore a value. You can able to achieve using this technique.

How to Extract And Add value before or after Delimiters?

When you are work in business requirement, when you will face a situation to extract Text or Add value before or after delimiter in column. You can able to achieve this technique using below step.
Query Editor > Add Column > Format > Merge Columns > Extract


When you working in some business requirement, sometime you want to do Inner Join between two Queries in Power query. Can we able to do it? Yes, You can

In Power BI Advanced Query, You can able to create Join between Two Queries or Tables using Merge Queries.

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