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Passing Parameter to Stored Procedure from Power BI Report?

Passing Parameter to Stored Procedure from Power BI Report?

Do you want?

Do you want to learn How to Send Parameter from Power BI to Stored Procedure to get data? Is this Really Possible?

I have a Power BI report and source is SQL Stored Procedure and passing Date as a Parameter as below,

EXEC LatePaymentCustomers ‘2011-01-10’

Power BI Report Using the Stored Procedure

Business Function

The End user need to select the Date in the report to update data throughout the report.

Technical Function

The Date in the report to needs to be passed in Stored Procedure to get new data in the data set and display in the report.

Can we able to send date from Report to SQL Query to hit database and get new data?

It’s Not Possible!

Power BI has a limitation to pass value from UI to Data Source Level

Reference Link 1
Reference Link 2
Reference Link 3

Alternative Solutions

Alright, what is the alternative now? Can’t I able to do this anyway and consume it through Power BI Service?

Solution 1

Rewrite the store procedure to View without affect the Business Logic, Consume view as a table in Power BI and Filter the Report.

Yes, I know it’s the Recommendation from all the blog you read!

Solution 2

Power BI Platform has another tool called Power BI Report Builder

Using Power BI Paginated Report Builder tool , You can build Paginated Reports and able to send parameter to Source Stored Procedure without writing Views and changing SP.

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Thanks for Reading.. There is a Bonus for you


There is a Limitation in using Power BI Report Builder that is Paginated Reports can be published to Power BI Premium Capacity License work space.


Every tool in a Business Intelligence Space has a limitation of some sort.

No Matter , there will be one Alternative Solution where you can find or company like AforAnalytic can able to help you out to reduce the time spent on Research & Analysis by providing Solution to problem in Very less time.

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