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Power BI Show values on Rows Option

Power BI Show values on Rows Option

Do you want show values on Rows on Power BI Matrix? Do you have requirement to show Headers and values in single line?

If yes, I’m going to show you How to showcase Header and Values on Power BI Matrix with Just a simple option.

You will have a Requirement to show values on rows but when you try to show it in Power BI you will get to see like this even though in placing fields here and there in the shelf

Hmm! How to show Tax Amount and Sales Amount in two rows as you can see in below Image

Here is a Trick…..

Before that

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Microsoft Power BI has a option in latest release on to enable show row option, You can find it in Formatting Option -> Value Drop down -> Show on Rows

In the Image, it’s turned off, if you want to see the Header and Values in two separate rates, you have to Turn On the Option.

On you Turned On, you will see the rows shifted up right like below Image


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In August release, you have received this update to Power BI Desktop as a new feature. It will works well in adding new fields to the values shelf.

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